View Full Version : Think Frodo has had a mishap..

26-Dec-11, 01:10
He is not happy and seems to be dragging his back legs a bit and has loose fluff all over...
Of all days/nights to do this...
Why tonight?
Hmmn thinking of just giving him some metacalm and seeing what he is like tommorrow as it is a bit of an unsociable hour.....
If he is still suffering tommorrow morning he will cost me as he will be going to the vets whether he likes it or not..and not would be his answer!
I think he was fighting rather than a car accident and he is bruised/bitten rather than broken bones...so waiting wont cause any more harm.
But how much metacalm should he get?

26-Dec-11, 01:17
Feck ing heck no metacalm in the cupboard.....what can I give him?
Its a cat! about 3kilogrammes.....
Found Poopy dogs metacalm...but how much for a cat?
The sryinge goes in 10 kg doses....handy for a large lab, not so for a cat..it does have littler markings on it..

26-Dec-11, 01:55
Poor thing :( I don't know exactly, but when a similar thing happened to my cat, I actually had to take her to the vets. Apparently you can give lower dose Metacam to larger animals but not the other way round. Like you can give cats Metacam to dogs, but not dog Metacam to cats. I phoned my vet to check dosage, and that's what she told me.

Hope you can find something :(

26-Dec-11, 01:59
Might be the vets yet...
But tommorrow morning rather than tonight....
He has holed himself up in the cat carrier tonight, so I cant get a good look at him!

26-Dec-11, 23:18
Well I dragged him out the cat carrier and went over him....the little brat had been fighting, and I think was the loser.
He has been bitten on his head, neck, tummy, leg and paw so no wonder he was sore.
I TCP'd him...as I didnt want the bites to get infected.
Must have stung...and he has been grounded again.
As the state he came home in last night had me really worried for ages...and hand feeding him leftover christmas dinner just to get him to walk around to see that he was weight bearing on all legs..the brat!

27-Dec-11, 12:59
Oh sorry I missed your post but glad that Frodo seems to be okay and am sure he will recover from his injuries.
The homeopathic remedy Arnica is really handy to have in and a saline solution would help with the cut

How is he now?

28-Dec-11, 23:15
I have arnica tabs and gel and a rub on stick...
But being a cat he wont let me near him with any of them!
And as for the saline solution ...he was threatened with a very deep bath of that, if he ever comes home in such a state again from fighting.
(only way to bathe all of his cuts in one go without too much injury to myself)
He doesnt look like his wounds are infected or even going to go that way, at the moment anyway.
And he is pretty fed up being locked in, and, just isnt talking to me unless he wants fed!
My thumb looks like it was threatening to be infected as it was a bit red looking and im scratched on the arms and chest dealing with him.

28-Dec-11, 23:38
Oh I know what you mean! I'm lucky in that the two cats I have now are really good when it comes to being given medication or being bathed etc but have had some in the past where I would have needed the Arnica or saline solution if I'd tried doing that with them!lol

You can give the arnica tablets in a wee bit of butter or yogurt.

Sounds like he is recovering well though and hope you do as well.

I could send you some Colloidal Silver to treat your thumb and cuts with? I always have some in the house as it's like a natural antibiotic and great for cuts, abcesses etc.

28-Dec-11, 23:46
I was given antibiotics today anyway, as I have a blocked sinus...
I tried the steaming...anti mucus tabs/spray and heavy duty painkillers over Christmas and finally caved in and admitted I needed something stronger than OTC stuff..(wished I could drill into my skull this morning to release the pressure) so it should do my thumb too if they know whats good for them as I hate taking antibiotics!

28-Dec-11, 23:54
Oh poor you having a problem with your sinuses. I've suffered with sinusitis all my life, off and on, and it's really awful! :(

I got a homeopathic remedy which has really helped.

Hope your antibiotics kick in soon and you get relief.