View Full Version : What treats did you get your pets?

25-Dec-11, 00:07
My dog Poppy is getting a new ball thrower thing(last one broke),
Frodo the cat is getting dreamies, the rabbits Peppa and Spot are getting new bowls, the hamsters Snow White and Cheese are getting snuggle sacs (hammie sleeping bags) , the fish are getting bloodworms and the snails are getting a cucumber!
All wrapped and under the tree waiting...

25-Dec-11, 02:55
Todd, Lucy and Katy have a toy each (a giraffe, a squeaky pineapple, and a squeaky christmas tree), a Jumbone each, a filled bone each, a pigs ear each, and Lucy has a Pedigree goodie bag she won in a competition. (which contains 3 Jumbones, a rope toy, a ball and a Pedigree coat). They also have a present from their collie dog friend, I don't know what that is though!

The cats have a packet of Dreamies each, and they won prizes from Whiskas this year. Lucky won catnip mice, and Rigsy won a catnip fish. They will be going down well :)

Rabbits have 2 new hays, a broccoli and they can have some Weetabix and cheerios.

Guinea pigs have the same as the buns :)

Quinn the hammy has some yoghurt drops!

25-Dec-11, 18:13
Bunnies have bx of treats,rollinis, cheesy bisc & yoghurt drops, cats will have some chicken and chippolatas, pkts of dreamies as well.

25-Dec-11, 20:06
The dogs both have a rawhide chew each and the horse has had a neep - budget crimbo this year!

25-Dec-11, 22:49
My terrapins get any prawns left over and a wee bit of turkey taken home for them, they love it.

29-Dec-11, 23:29
Chico turned up his nose at everything from P@H, hasn't looked at his crunchies for days and won't wear any of his new outfits....he has on the other hand just finished off the last of the goose (including the gizzards), had the low flying chocs of the tree, and turned veggie over the season to polish off roasties, jerusalem artichokes, parsnips and sprouts. His eye is still on the gravy boat (em train) but I've drawn the line. so as far as treats are concerned he has had them all, the only thing he hasn't tackled yet is the left over xmas cake!

30-Dec-11, 13:21
Karuza got a big fat juicy rat for dinner, also got her some new vines and plants. Fintan got a feast of chicken! His favourite. He doesnt like toys. Says he is too old for them now