View Full Version : Christmas wishes from Cassie the dog

Cassie the dog
23-Dec-11, 19:17
Hello folks, I'm sure you remember me, Cassie the dog, from my three week Caithness spree in November. I just want to wish all the lovely folk in Caithness a safe, healthy and happy Christmas, with a giant Christmas lunch, just like I will be having now that I am safe at home with my Mum, thanks to all of you. Love and Christmas licks from Cassie.xx

23-Dec-11, 19:30
thank you cassie so glad you will have a nice warm christmas

23-Dec-11, 19:45
Lovely to hear from you Cassie; glad you have decided to settle down after your adventure in Caithness! Hope you and your Mum have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

23-Dec-11, 20:36
Really glad you are home with your Mum for Christmas! We will never forget you!

Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with no more adventures!lol xxx

23-Dec-11, 23:16
Merry Christmas Cassie to you and your Mum...so glad you got home safe and sound. xx

23-Dec-11, 23:29
We will never forget you Cassie and that is for sure! All best wishes for Christmas & New Year.

Next time you visit Caithness I hope your Mum keeps you on a tight leash....... We will maybe get a chance to meet you then. ;) x