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19-Dec-11, 22:51
I am pleased to share that I have just been awarded the qualification of Licentiateship in Photography by The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. I am still undergoing a year long development programme with John Denton (a Fellow of the SWPP) and will be spending the 2nd half of my year with him concentrating on Wedding photography.

I have been very busy recently with newborn photo shoots and with this in mind have introduced a new themed shoot for babies celebrating their 1st and 2nd birthdays :-

New for 2012 book your 1 or 2 year old a birthday bash they will love and you can have the memories for years to come!

Photo shoot starts off with normal photos of your baby/toddler then ends in them getting down and messy with the cake. Funky nappy covers supplied for boys and girls shoots and a free bath chucked in to finish.

Shoot & a giant cupcake personalised for your child, made by Cakes by Carrie-Anne (http://www.cakesbycarrie-anne.co.uk/Home.html), AND a 20x20 montage print capturing all those messy but fun moments for 95 - you know when your childs birthday is so get booking a Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot now

This was today's birthday boy having a "smashing" time


Julie Fraser Photography (http://julie-fraser.co.uk)

19-Dec-11, 23:43
Oh that looks like fun!
But no one will want to do Euans birthday....1st Jan?
2nd birthday so mobile and wont keep still for a second type boy (unless cars are involved somehow)
Will they?
And can bigger sisters get in on the act too?
I have ordered him an icecream cake....that would make really messy child/children photos.......more messy than a normal cake......but a bit colder!

27-Dec-11, 23:25
laughs... julie is a star! did our photos today and they were great! even got a pic of me hanging upside down from a tree! and she didnt even call the men with the special coats and padded rooms!