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15-Dec-11, 16:31
Fintan has gone missing, he went out Tuesday evening and hasnt been seen since, he has never been away this long before. Iv phoned the vets and cats protection. Not had him in. Been to our old house as we recently moved but the last time the new people there saw him was Monday.

If you have seen him (Pennyland area, Thurso) Please PM me and let me know if you have spotted him!

He is a very distinctive cat, he has thumbs and extra toes on his feet. So a bit different than most cats. Here is a pic. I just want my cat back :~(

http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff474/Shelley_Cowie/167985_10150127256668465_524798464_7773137_5640447 _n.jpg

15-Dec-11, 19:11
Shelley I am sorry that Fintan has one missing.

Most cats who go missing have been shut in so have you checked all outbuildings near both your new and old house? He could have gone into someone's shed/garage and when the door was open and then they've closed it with him inside.

Really hope for good news soon.

15-Dec-11, 20:47
Fintan has returned! Knew i panicked too early! He is a bit on edge, very dirty! Seems he was trapped somewhere! I still cant think where, unless it was someones garage, there arent many sheds here to be honest. :) Glad he is back!

15-Dec-11, 20:53
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Great news.

I think even more cats get shut in this time of year due to the cold.