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27-Oct-06, 02:06

As an Authorised Reseller for Paragon Software products I am posting this here to let all of you know that I've passed on an offer from them.

Exact Image 7 is currently available, for FREE, until 1 November. If you are looking for backup software for your computer then you need give this product a try.
Exact Image 7.0 provides you with hard disk backup that is easy and reliable. This unique solution for backing up is a combination of easy-to-use wizards, which guide you through the whole process of hard disk backup, and a range of advanced features. Creating an exact image of your hard drive protects your computer in the most simple and effective way, giving you complete system and data backup.

With Exact Image 7.0 there is no need to study sophisticated technical issues about hard disk backup. No need to worry about your data security. Now you are able to create the exact image of your hard disk yourself!
Go to the Blue Ivy Ltd website at www.smallbusiness-it.com (http://www.smallbusiness-it.com) and click on the banner to find out more information, to download and to register the software. After registration you will be sent a 20% discount voucher for use against other Paragon Software products.

Remember this offer is only available until 1 November. While you will still be able to download the trial version after this date you will not be able to register it without paying. Save yourself almost 30.00 and register it today.

I try and offer as much advice as I can in here. Like everybody else I need to pay the mortgage however, but I make nothing from this offer. I hope that some of you will download the software, use it and save yourself the headaches of losing all of your data. Recommend it to friends, family or colleagues, however do it quickly. Remember the deadline.

If any of you have any questions, you can chat to me in your browser (http://hosted5.whoson.com/chat/chatstart.htm?domain=www.smallbusiness-it.com&lang=en) (if I'm in the office) or you can email me, IM me through Windows Live Messenger, or contact me (http://www.smallbusiness-it.com/contact) through the website.

Finally I checked out with the moderators about posting this before doing so.

28-Oct-06, 03:08
If the offer and software was useful to you, please post some feedback.

Feedback will make it possible for me to post further useful links in future!

31-Oct-06, 22:53
Thought I'd remind everybody that it's the last day of this offer - after then the software is priced at just under 30.00.

Save yourself the money and download it today! Even if you don't need it now, you might want to give it a go in the future.

It is free. There are no strings. There are no catches.

02-Nov-06, 13:48

Paragon still have the registration page up and working so the end date of 1st of November has been extended.

If you haven't already done so, download and register the software now.