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13-Dec-11, 10:27
Looking for a new forever home for my female sheltland sheepdog. three years old. very well behaved. house dog. perfect temperment. couldnt ask for a better pet. have to re-home for personal circumstances. very sad to do this, so must be a very good home. please mail with enquires.


13-Dec-11, 19:26
Oh I am so very sorry that you have to rehome your dog. :(

Could you post a photo of her? I would be so tempted to get a sister for Benjy (also a Sheltie) but not too sure how my cats, who are very nervous, would react.

Have you contacted KWK9 Rescue to ask them to put details on their website?

14-Dec-11, 21:45

We a looking for a friend for our 7 month old Bavarian Mountain Hound. I also find this of particular interest as we had Shetland's when I was a boy.

14-Dec-11, 23:29
Aw she is absolutely gorgeous and obviously really well cared for. Has she been spayed?

I am soooooooo tempted but if you can give her a home Malcolm that would be great. I love Shelties as they are such affectionate, and cheeky, wee dogs.

15-Dec-11, 07:21
hope you get a home for her. also got a sheltie.