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10-Dec-11, 13:15
Sheriff to receive report on Thurso man's community service

A SHERIFF told a Thurso man who breached a community service order was told by a sheriff that he did not appear to grasp the seriousness of his situation.
Kenneth Mackay, of Castlegreen Road, Thurso, was ordered to carry out 60 hours unpaid work in the community, in August, after he admitted disorderly behaviour at a pub in the town on June 22, and a number of previous convictions. It was stated that Mackay, who was under influence of drink, began shouting, in the Grove Lounge, and ended up struggling with customer trying to calm him down.
His solicitor, Sylvia MacLennan, explained that Mackay (57) had been signed off by his doctor for a month but was now in a position to start the paid back order.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a report said that, in addition to the breach, the accused had not complied with certain matters under the order, including non-attendance at a meeting with social workers, and eventually a warrant was granted for his arrest.
The sheriff commented: “Being signed off for work does not mean you are, necessarily unfit to carry out community pay back.”
The sheriff continued the case until January 6 when he will receive a progress report. At the previous hearing, the sheriff gave Mackay credit for having been out of trouble since 2003 and heard that the accused was seeking help for his drinking. The sheriff added it was important Mackay did not lapse into a regular pattern of offending.