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mop top
08-Dec-11, 18:26
Just had a very worried lady at my door who has come home from work to find her dog missing. The fence had blown down in the Leith walk area of wick and her wee tri coloured female Jack Russell has disappeared, apparently she was at the North School earlier today and someone brought her home and put her back in the garden not realising the fence was down.

Totally forgot to ask the dogs name but she is a friendly wee thing who i suspect someone has found and taken in please contact the owner with any information on either on the numbers below

07930040785 or 07919900143

many thanks

10-Dec-11, 20:07
Any news? Really hope she is back home safe and sound.

10-Apr-12, 23:04
MopTop could you confirm that this dog was found so that I can safely "unstick" the thread and let it drift down the board? Thanks.

mop top
11-Apr-12, 00:05
The owners never got back to me to let me know if it had or not but would assume it was

11-Apr-12, 00:18
Thanks for that moptop.

I was just doing a little springcleaning in Pets Corner so will lock & unstick the thread now.