View Full Version : Bones for dogs from butchers in Thurso

08-Dec-11, 09:23
Hi everyone.
I've been told recently that all the butchers in Thurso are now refusing to provide bones to be given to dogs due to EU regulations regarding safe and accountable disposal of meat waste.
Does anyone know anything about this? Is it true? If so, is there anywhere else I can get hold of bones? (I boil them up to make a stock gravy to add to the dry dog food that I feed the little fella with. If I can't get hold of bones anymore, I will probably have to switch him to tinned dog food instead.)

08-Dec-11, 11:53
tell them u want it to make stock for soup thats wat i used to to but then it was giving my dog constipaion so she doesnt get them any more

08-Dec-11, 12:04
i still get bones for the dogs, its only if you get a jobsworth behind the counter that you go away empty handed.