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07-Dec-11, 23:54
One of our cats has not come home today :-( Wouldnt usually post so soon, but he is always let out before we go to work in the morning and is ALWAYS at the door when we get home as he tends not to go very far away. Very worried that something may have happened to him. He is a black and white cat - looks very much like Felix from the cat food adverts - and he has a very small patch of black on his bottom lip (much like a wee goatie beard). From the Ormlie area.

If seen please phone 07788262217

08-Dec-11, 00:05
Really sorry that your cat has not come home and know how worried you must be.

Most cats who go missing have been shut in somewhere and, with the horrible weather, this is possible. Have you checked all the outbuildings in your area?

I really hope he turns up safe and well very soon. Most of them do!

08-Dec-11, 21:03
Alfie is home safe and well, he was in a neighbours shed!

09-Dec-11, 23:54
Great news! No doubt there will be a lot of cats getting shut in with this awful weather. They sneak in for shelter and then the door is shut on them!

Welcome home Alfie! :)