View Full Version : Silent!!!

25-Oct-06, 20:00
No smiles, no tears, no laughter, no crying,
Not human, all alone, never sayin, never lying.
cold snow, large tree, underneath it beckoned me,
Sits down, so tired, feeling nothing, so sleepy.
Shiverin stops, ice in my throat, head on my knee,
Slippin into a fantasy story, take me i pray.
Snow fallin, i can hear callin, ever still i sleep,
To cold to move, cannot, want not, silent tears i weep.
My name is being called, my Fathers voice i hear,
I wade through my memories,and ever still in fear.
Where's my mother?, keep her away, into Darkness i shall stay,
Shake me, wake me, real life nightmare, sing me no lay.
Voices ringin in my head, In my bed, fire sparks, tank rumbles,
Snow is still fallin, real life, how all this crumbles.
Did i learn, no never did,
Wait did i suddenly matter, oh when , ah right when,
nope never then.