View Full Version : Big thanks to Hamish and an update on Freddie dog - gruesome pic *alert*

05-Dec-11, 15:23
I thought I'd start my own thread rather than take over the "vets" thread...

For those of you who didn't see, my lurcher, Freddie had a bit of an accident yesterday. He was basically running and got caught on barbed wire. He carried on going, skin didn't. Basically the skin was pulled off half of his side - it was so gruesome!

This is him after Hamish the vet made him better! An hour and a half of stitching up...

He's feeling really sorry for himself poor mite! It must be really sore because he doesn't seem to want to lie down :(

388799_10150500235180781_745240780_10950847_108162 4401_n.jpg (https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/388799_10150500235180781_745240780_10950847_108162 4401_n.jpg)

Massive bruise on his belly

380373_10150500235375781_745240780_10950849_102349 6639_n.jpg (https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/380373_10150500235375781_745240780_10950849_102349 6639_n.jpg)

Not sure if this will work as Facebook seems to have changed how it names files...



05-Dec-11, 15:29
Oh my goodness that looks terrible! Poor Freddie :(

05-Dec-11, 17:00
omg ur poor dog, hope he gets better soon

05-Dec-11, 17:21
poor freddie that looks so sore!
keep us posted on his recovery x

05-Dec-11, 17:32
The worst thing is that because of the wound he can't wear his PJs :( He's such a skinny minny he gets so cold... Looks like I'm going to be having the heating on 24/7 for a while.

05-Dec-11, 19:31
awww poor freddie but hopefully he'll mend soon. as for keeping him warm what about a doggy t-shirt? thats what we used for Brodie after his op, as shown in pics below



and yes, our vets up here are marvellous, Brodie was literally on the brink of dying from an undiagnosed liver shunt but 3 of the vets worked well into and through the night to stabilise him and pull him through to be fit enough for his op, hard to believe that was nearly 3 years ago now!!

05-Dec-11, 20:25
Thanks Dragonfly - where his wound is is right where his pjs cover - just like your in shape :(

05-Dec-11, 21:53
OH poor wee Freddie, hope he is feeling better soon as it looks very painful xx

05-Dec-11, 22:28
Well after refusing his dinner - which isn't like him - he's had a slice of garlic bread pizza, pate on toast and licked the dish of my strawberries and cream.

05-Dec-11, 23:44
Aw poor Freddie!!! :(

Although he didn't eat his dinner he certainly hasn't lost his appetite! :D

Hope he makes a speedy recovery and is more comfortable soon. Gentle get well hugs.

06-Dec-11, 13:51
Oh! Poor Freddie, I hope he gets better soon & well done Hamish!

06-Dec-11, 14:59
I thought you could get Lurchers and greyhounds PJs like kids all in ones?
Sort of baggy through the body with legs on (no feet in them)
Would they be ok?
I dont want to trawl through my search history to find out where I saw them unless you think they would be ok!

06-Dec-11, 15:55
aw poor freddie, that looks so painful, lots of tlc from mum and he will be right as rain, what a brave boy, hugs to freddie xx

06-Dec-11, 19:02
That looks ruddy nasty. Hamish has done a great job of stitching him back together again.

I know what you mean about needing the pj's. My dane has to have them too as he drops off especially in this weather.

I wouldn't worry too much about it though. I'm guessing he won't be exercising to his fullest again for a while so maybe that will help to put some beef on his bones.
Personally I wouldn't have thought pj's would be agood idea with a body full of stitches, think maybe it would be better to get some air to it and help heal it quicker.

Hope you both have a rapid recovery.
Take care.

06-Dec-11, 20:12
Thanks all :)

My luck gets worse - now I've totalled my car :(

Will someone send me some god luck please...

06-Dec-11, 23:09
Oh my poor Freddie they are brilliant at the vets, have full belief the he will recover really well and wishing you all the luck sorry about your car thinking of you both keep us posted with pics on the healing process.

Take care

07-Dec-11, 17:47
Poor Freddie! :( Barbed wire and sighthounds really don't mix, I have been through the same thing twice now. I hope he heals quickly. We had to get a childs t-shirt for Todd when he tore open his chest.