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03-Dec-11, 15:18
AWOL snake in the house....somewhere???? Any tips to lure him outta wherever he is? have ransacked the house today looking for him, am worried he will get cold and die, my son is very upset and has been hunting for the whole day so far. Have put Viv on floor and got heat on if he so wishes to pop back in that would be great!

03-Dec-11, 17:32
Have you pulled all the furniture out, probs hiding behind/under/in something.

03-Dec-11, 17:35
snakes move round the walls, thaw a mouse and attatch to a bit of string and pull it round the room and under something because the snake will fallow the sent and go get the mouse!!! Watch for it! good luck!

btw it will probs look for somewhere warm and want to go onto hibernation!!

03-Dec-11, 21:48
its bloody freezing, snakey will be somewhere warm near a radiator or boiler or behind the fridge mines always got stuck behind the radiators!

03-Dec-11, 22:52
Cheese is on his way.....He is only a lure, not dinner!
Hopefully the smell of hammie will work!
Maybe I shouldnt have cleaned him out today though?

03-Dec-11, 22:54
What kind of snake is he?

03-Dec-11, 22:59
Corn snake.

03-Dec-11, 23:03
Can I ask what kind of snake he is? If he's a Corn then depending on size you could make a bottle trap - it usually works. Have a look at the Royal Python Forum - go to the section 'snake related DIY and on page 2 of that section there's a post detailing how to make one and what to do with it. Keep us posted and I'll ask around for any other ideas. Having dismantled panelling to remove a naughty python ..... well, you get the picture. When you find your missing boy, get a lock for his viv - we got ours from Surrey Pet Supplies. Good luck.

PS. Wouldn't recommend it Dadie :eek::D X

03-Dec-11, 23:13
Cheese is going in the rotastack small section (it only has small holes a credit card edge can slip through).
Iona thinks bait means Cheese is looking for the snake...Lauren Knows what bait means and refused point blank for Snow White to go.
Hopefully he will be OK as I cant see a way the snake could get in with Cheese and he cant get out .....
He is a very placid hammie and is drugged up to the eyeballs at the moment...as he is on "borrowed time" as hamsters go.
So he wont know what he is getting used for...It cant be any worse than being loved by a 3 yo!

03-Dec-11, 23:49
Any joy yet?

03-Dec-11, 23:54
No joy!...yet..

04-Dec-11, 00:35
Bottle trap...
easy blue peter stuff ...
Take the end of a bottle and invert it in the bottle with "bait" (thawed mouse) and wait...
works like a lobster trap..big opening..small exit......other than that hows Cheese coping?

04-Dec-11, 01:59
Have ransacked my house, emptied drawers, checked under pretty much everything, been places I have never wanted to go today...no snake...awaiting him to turn up n my handbag when shopping type farce!! Hamster in room snake went missing from and safely in his cage on top of the viv.....fingers crossed snakey comes back tonight!

04-Dec-11, 19:33
OK. I'm going to attempt something - to try and attach a page from the corn snake forum.

Loads of good advice here from people who really know what they're talking about - more than me that's for sure and I've had my fair share of fun (and worry).

Good luck!

08-Dec-11, 11:03
The corn snake forum is amazing! I use it regularly. Bottle traps, flour at doorways, light stickyness tape aswell (not recommended unless your comfortable with it as it can damage snake)

chances are its moving at night, thats when they are more active, so recommend a bottle trap and the flour on the door ways (so you know if its moving from room to room!)

When was it last fed? If its due a feed, chances are it will want fed. It might be a waste of a defrost doing it every night though, so maybe every 2 nights for a feed? Up to yourself really.

And as Kazzi said, viv locks lol. Once you catch snakie wedge something between glass until u get a lock :)

08-Dec-11, 19:55
No sign of snake, not been trapped not gone through tapes....where can he be? He will be hungry by now was due a feed on Friday but he went AWOL on the evening before feeding time. We have glass wedges and a cabinet lock was genuine accidental release! Hope he has found somewhere warm.

08-Dec-11, 21:32
He will be in stupid places! Bottom of cupboards, on a jacket left on the floor, under a couch. I hate to ask, can he get IN the couch? Cos thats another one. On heaters, behind TV, in a drawer (chest of drawers, drawers in kitchen) keep looking and dont loose hope!

10-Dec-11, 11:17
no good news yet? oh my goodness he really doesn't want to be found huh? bit worried by the thought of it in your couch though! won't be visiting until it is back in tank and locked in ha ha.

10-Dec-11, 20:40
hi i have had two king snakes go awol on me one went for nine months and the other for 18months!!i found both!!!!they both got under the floor sum how.i tried the mouse thing did not work!put a light under the floor that did not work!!the chances are he wud o found a nice cool place to hibernate.you might not see him for a while but he can last a very long time without eating!!!vibrations will get them moving if they are not to cold!!!face your speekers face down on the floor and turn up the vol.he wont leave your house in this weather.
u will see him again maybe not this year but hes not that far from u right now


10-Dec-11, 20:41
snake still missing...he isn't a corn snake as previously posted, he is a publean milk snake, a mock coral but similar in habit to a corn, eats the same stuff and likes similar habitat, he is 85 cm long and at thickest is about man thumb....where can he be??? don't want to scare off any potential visitors....

10-Dec-11, 20:45
did you read my post?milk snakes are king snakes.he wont be far

10-Dec-11, 20:55
did you read my post?milk snakes are king snakes.he wont be far

Your close, they are subspecies. Milk snakes are Lampropeltis triangulum, King has Lampropeltis gene. So yes very similar, but can have very noticeable differences.

Anyway.....Kathy dont worry about visitors! I would be delighted going to someones house and finding a snake! (finders keepers!) :cool:

Just keep looking, if your looking in a cupboard for something then dig a little further just to see if any sign. Is there any way that the snake could of gotten under floor boards, kitchen cupboards? Do you have an airing cupboard/boiler room? Thats another place to look!

I have a mate whos snake went missing for months, was found in a boxing glove, in a bag, that was in a box!

So there is hope yet! And because of the cold hitting, hibernation is a possibility so the snake might be a bit sluggish and groggy so might not go far! Fingers crossed!!!

10-Dec-11, 21:02
yes a sub species of king snake!!!

10-Dec-11, 23:59
not coming out with christmas pressies then! thinking you'll have to pick them up yourself when in Wick sometime. oh providing the slithery one hasn't made it's way into a handbag or jacket pocket.

11-Dec-11, 00:32
He will be somewhere warm...bait the bottle traps ....take Cheese for a walk around the skirting boards back to the viv(smell trail)....check/shake all clothing/footwear before putting on....and strip all rooms to the part of dismantling furniture!.....

11-Dec-11, 01:31
I hope you add plenty of tape to all the seams of your christmas pressies lol

11-Dec-11, 01:36
Oh unicorn..no....no...no.....
Iona cant keep anything "extra" in her pressies!

11-Dec-11, 01:55
Can you imagine it lol a great aunt unwrapping a pair of slippers with a snake curled up in them lol

11-Dec-11, 17:46
omg granny smith! that would be sooo funny.

13-Dec-11, 23:02
Snake found!! appeared in shower room just after I had a hot hot shower.......all seems fine with him and no worse for his adventure...back in locked tank! Thanks to everyone for advice and support during this difficult time.

13-Dec-11, 23:11
Glad you found him :)

13-Dec-11, 23:15
When is Cheese coming home?

16-Dec-11, 00:15
Cheese is home!
Snakey found!
Small boy (snakes owners little brother) devastated the hamster wasnt for keeps!
Cheese was the perfect guest...small and not vicious and awake through the daytime, but, not too good as bait!
As snakey wasnt too interested in him.