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09-Dec-04, 23:18
Anybody got reccommendations for UPVC window company?

10-Dec-04, 00:06
Anybody got reccommendations for UPVC window company?

Cairngorm windows. Not the cheapest but better quality than most. Also get cairngorms local fitters to fit your windows they are better than the fitters that come from south.

11-Dec-04, 22:11
I wouldn't recommend Cairngorm!

We placed an order in June, installation was supposed to be 6-8 weeks later, after 12 weeks and lots of phone calls, faxes, emails they finally sent someone to start. They did a bit and we never saw anyone for another 4 weeks, again lots of calls etc.
The job is still not complete now nearly 6 months later [mad] .

The workmen though have been fantastic (when they appear that is) but the company leadership is questionable. Must add that this is the Inverness office not the Thurso office.

If you want quality and have the money - Everest, have dealt with Easter Ross Windows previously, again not cheap but we were happy with the service. Sinclair Windows are good if you are on a budget and quality is not your top priority

12-Dec-04, 11:44
The local window fitters (from dunbeath I think) are suposed to be the companies best fitters and we had to wait a bit longer for them to do the job because they are so busy. We could of had other fitters come up from south to do the job quicker but as we had heard so many good things about the local boys we decided we would wait. When they arrived the job was done quickly and neatly and they tidied up after so no complaints from us. The window itself is good quality and we are a very happy customer. The office however did tell us that we would get the window fitted at the start of August and when we hadnt heard anything towards the end of July we phoned them and they said It was the trades and they couldnt fit the window then. So the office obviosly dont know what the men are doing because you think they would of known whenthe guys have time off. I am afraid to say I cannot recomend any other caithness company as I have heard too many stories about leaking windows and doors, handles falling off. The heat reflecting glass being installed the wrong way round etc. Your complaint is the first I have heard about Cairngorm.

12-Dec-04, 11:57
Thanks for letting me know. Have heard lots of bad about quality of local companies apart from Cairngorm. The other one we thought about is CR Smith, has anybody had their windows.

13-Dec-04, 13:46
not seen the quality of their windows etc apart from salesman's sample, but when I was looking around, phoned for their brochure. They were on the pricey side (similar prices to Everest), but what put us off was the fact that they never stopped phoning even after telling them we had decided to go with another company.

I would really steer clear of Weatherseal as they really won't let go once you show interest in them, a colleague had real problems with them

Little Miss Naughty
13-Dec-04, 14:00
I would recommend CR Smith, they are a bit more expensive, but there quality is first class. I know you would get cheaper else where, but you get what you pay for, if you want quality and something that will last. :D :D :D

12-Jan-05, 14:50
do not whatsoever choose weatherseal windows!! we chose them based on the fantastic sample shown to us! windows installed are of totally inferior quality!! had them replaced 3 times and still not happy! they dont stop the weather whatsoever the wind just whistles in! have refused to pay tried contacting them manys a time since to get them sorted but to no reply!! extremly shoddy windaes!!

06-Feb-05, 13:28
We had our windows and doors fitted by Everest. They are quite expensive, but you always get some kind of discount, and it is worth it. They were really quick to fit everything, cleaned up all the mess, and we have never had a problem with them since - they were fitted a few years ago.

The workers and salesman were quite friendly as well.

As I say, they are quite expensive, but I suppose if you want the best, you have to pay that bit extra! :D

06-Feb-05, 21:04
An elderly relative had her windows done by Easter Ross Windows. They came when they said they would, did a clean tidy job and charged exactly what they had quoted. The prrof of the pudding I think was this winter when the windows stood up to all that wind and rain, with not a darught nor leak!