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24-Oct-06, 14:37
I would like to start by saying Hi to you all and hope to be joining your lively debates in the near future.

My mother has recently moved to Hallkirk, Well the outskirts of it really.. near to where the community centre is, and i am hoping to introduce her to the joys of the internet....

I have done some preliminary research and it seems that ADSL is our only option, which was to be expected, she has a BT phone line and i have contacted a few companies to see if they can supply a line to the address.

I was wondering if any of you fellow caithnessians (please correct my guess) that do not live within the main towns would please advise me on what companies and price plans you use?

if you do not wish to post your information on the site would you please consider emailing me at the following address Stumurf@hotmail.com.

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice given.

Ideally i am hoping to get a 1MB line that has a price plan of around 15 pounds a month on top of the 12 pounds a month BT line rental. I would also like to set up a wireless network, so any companies offering a wireless router as part of the sign up would be a bonus...

24-Oct-06, 18:16
Not from the area but you could try this http://www.broadbandchecker.co.uk/

and then this http://info.aol.co.uk/broadband/broadband-silver.adp?promo=228937&promoCode=228937

Hope locals can help you out.

Good Luck

24-Oct-06, 18:24
Welcome to the org.

happy posting . :Razz

Try plusnet.

25-Oct-06, 09:31
i use tiscali broadband it is 2mb and costs 14 99 is very good never had any probs

25-Oct-06, 09:35
Welcome to the org - hope you get that broadband issue sorted.:D