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29-Nov-11, 14:46
Well, some know that i have a corn snake (bought from YoungFishinNeep) and iv had her for a good few months now! Many think that reptiles shouldnt be pets, that they are vicious. I have to say, having Karuza has sent me into a keen frenzy for love or reptiles!

Iv never had such an easy pet! Fed once a week (soon changing to 10 days for fatty) on mice or rats, depends whats on the menu! But i have got both. Poop once a week, rarely twice!

Karuza is docile, can be a bit fast but that just adds to the fun. She is relaxed and friendly.

When the weather gets better, im looking to get a western hognose hatchling. (they are so cute!) But not chancing getting one couriered in this bad weather.

Do you mind these sort of pets? I love lizards, we hope to also get 2 crested geckos next year too once i get the indoor shed converted into a reptile room! :D (i will be in heaven then!)

The research i do is actually quite shocking even to me, i read care sheet after care sheet, books, forums, wiki etc etc...but the learning comes from having a rep! Best pet ever!

Here is a few pics of my girl, dont worry i will keep the feeding pics to me!



29-Nov-11, 16:32
oh shes is quite big but look lovely

30-Nov-11, 10:14
she is massive ... :S

30-Nov-11, 11:55
Lol she actually isnt, pics make her look bigger! Last time i measured her she was 4ft 2" and thats slightly small for a corn! They can grow past 6ft. But size doesnt matter. They are easy to handle! :)

02-Dec-11, 17:36
I love snakes as pets, I have a corn myself :) They are so low maintaniance, I i find everything about them really facinating! From the way the move to the way they eat! They really are amazing critters!

Here's a photo of my girlie, Tienan. She isn't as big as yours yet! I have had her 2 years now, but I got her as a tiny hatchling.

http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/189063_10150095414830906_553570905_6772408_8113780 _n.jpg

http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/168278_482718015905_553570905_6447804_2095387_n.jp g

08-Dec-11, 10:58
Oh wow she is gorgeous! What morph is she? Charcoal/ Charcoal Motley..?? Im still cluing up on morphs! Stunning yellow colours though, keep posting pics as she grows, i want to see how bright that yellow gets lol.

What are you feeding her on too? Rats or mice? Some people are totally different and feed quails lol.

Snake just amaze me! :) Best pets ever! The kids find them interesting too.
As i says, im trying to learn morphs! Iv got basics i think but oh heck is a massive read lol xx

10-Dec-11, 20:58
reptiles are by far the best pets to keep.i have kept reptiles for 25yrs!!!god that makes me sound old!!!they look after themselfs if the correct set up is in place


10-Dec-11, 21:49
reptiles are by far the best pets to keep.i have kept reptiles for 25yrs!!!god that makes me sound old!!!they look after themselfs if the correct set up is in place


What do u keep bruce? Sorry if im wrong, are u the one who was selling turtles on fb? x

10-Dec-11, 22:03
hi i have kept snakes lizards and tortoises but have settled with the torts as they are gonna be with me until i die. then the kids are gonna av to look after them!!!