View Full Version : Feliway alternative

25-Nov-11, 13:56
Many of you will know how much I have banged on about Feliway and how good it is for behavioural problems.:lol:

Well I've found something which I think is even better and a lot cheaper.

It's called Pet Remedy. Like Feliway you buy the diffuser at first and then just refills. I got mine from Ebay as the prices vary and you can get a bargain.
I recently got two refills which works out at 6 for a 6 week supply.

My cats are soooooo much happier since I plugged it in.

It helps relax dogs and humans as well. Benjy does seem more relaxed (he's always happy bless him) and I don't feel as uptight as usual. :)

25-Nov-11, 14:47
Used it for a while now!
You can also get drops for on their food or in their drinking water like bach rescue remedy as well.
I only use mine at firework or going into kennels.

25-Nov-11, 14:53
I do use rescue remedy when needed and it is really good :)

I have my Pet Remedy diffuser plugged in all the time as Molly and Suzy are such nervous cats. They are so much more relaxed and playing more which is great.