View Full Version : Tail chasing

24-Nov-11, 23:18
Hi my 6 month old lab puppy I forever chasing her tail does anyone no how I can stop it as I have read that if she's still doin it at a yr old then it's a neurological problem has anyone else had this problem

24-Nov-11, 23:47
Could be an anxiety thing. How long is she left for during the day?

If it is an anxiety thing, stopping her doing it could just mean she'll do something else...

25-Nov-11, 00:03
Try distraction, squeaky toy ...ball...stuffed kong...and lots of other activities to keep her mind and paws busy....along with training lessons (your own or backed up with puppy lessons)..It she starts distract her and praise for going after whatever ..not for stopping the tail chasing otherwise the tail chasing will become something to get your attention!

25-Nov-11, 00:48
She's only left for maybe 3-4 hours but that's not every day that's only when I take kids to school playgroup and toddlers but I've also got a 7 yr old dog aswell so she's not totally on her own

27-Nov-11, 12:44
it could be her anel glands,get vet to show you how to empty them ,really easy.

28-Dec-11, 17:29
Probably the most common reason for tail chasing is boredom and its a game so the solution is a better (more constructive) game.. also if when was little you all laughed and gave her attention when doing it (it is easily done) she prob thinks its a good way to be centre of attention... does she do it everyday? several times a day? When she gets excited? or when no ones paying her attention? And does she have play toys? its hard to be sure why she does it without knowing when or how often...but six months is still very puppy so as mentioned before best cure is distraction, play and sufficient walks (though it is possible to overwork a dog that age).

29-Dec-11, 10:43
She always does it at night and it's when no one is watchin and ur right I did use to think it was funny as none oc my other dogs have ever done it but ur right I must be to get attention and coz she's bored she has toys but there all out in the garden and there manky I'm gonna go get her some new ones for in the house she plays with tennis balls but if she's left with it she demolishes them in less then 10 mins

29-Dec-11, 20:12
Rotate her toys too - if she has the same one she'll get bored... Change the toy each day (and have a few in the cupboard) and each day they new one will be all exciting. Have you considered getting little stuffed toys (50p from the charity shops ;)) - if she is supervised, they can be great fun to tear up :)