View Full Version : fishtank supplies in thurso?

24-Nov-11, 00:18
anyone know if there is still anywhere in thurso i can get things for fishtanks, i need some Aquasafe/Tapsafe and dont really want to have to go all the way to wick for just that unless i cant get it nearer.


24-Nov-11, 01:39
You can get tapsafe in tescos. Saw it the other day. You can also get fish food there too. It's all more for goldfish than tropical but you can get the basics.

24-Nov-11, 08:20
thats great, thanks. needed for a goldfish tank so no worries there. will mayby give them a ring just to make sure they still have some in before i go. thanks again

24-Nov-11, 22:44
Geddes in thurso also order anything you need for your fish tank, i get pellet fish food from there x