View Full Version : tonights quiz - 22nd Oct

22-Oct-06, 22:31
Tonights quiz result was as follows.

Joint 1st - Foxy - Zappster - Googlebox (Googlebox won tiebreaker)
Joint 2nd - Htwood(aka Mr HTwood, no credit to HTwood herself) - Bob
Joint 3rd - Canuck - JemmimaJune - Sassylass

Note Golach got 0 points - that was NIL

Googlebox will be doing the quiz next week

23-Oct-06, 00:51
Objection: I earned five points for knowing the colour of the tour bus golach works on. You forgot to include those points.

23-Oct-06, 01:36
Objection: Mr Htwood should get bonus points for knowing par at Pebble Beach. That man has never even touched a golf club, that proves he's a genius.

23-Oct-06, 02:47
Objection: I came in late at question 12 and still tied for third, I should get extra points.

23-Oct-06, 07:21
After Objections from Canuck, HTWood and Sassylass - The board has voted that extra points be awarded.
They have now come in joint 1st, and will now host the quiz on the 5th November. Well Done on winning your objection.

23-Oct-06, 09:39
Note Golach got 0 points - that was NIL
Nil?? Is that the same as the number of goals that your team scored at Inverness? [lol]
Anyway I was at a Session meeting and could not take part in the Quiz:lol:

23-Oct-06, 17:25
the extra points only tied me at second place, but thank you :D

23-Oct-06, 17:42
Mr Htwood thanks you and politely declines, because he is a 2 finger typist with no concept of cut and paste.
His talents lie elsewhere.

23-Oct-06, 22:13
I was so far behind that I would have needed 20 points to get me past any of the other placings. Thanks for the good try to get me to quizzie status. I too shall pass this grand opportunity.