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23-Nov-11, 12:58
Sasa swaps Cellar for 'Backer'

WICK’s ‘Backer’ club, which closed last year, is set to make a comeback, despite a health objection.
But local publican Alexander Harper will have to surrender his Sasa’s Cellar certificate in order to
pursue his new venture.
That was the condition imposed by the Highland Licensing Board in the granting of an on and off-sales certificates in respect of the Town and County Club, to give it its official title.
The objection was tabled by Dr Margaret Somerville, NHS Highland’s director of public health.
She maintained that Wick already had an over-provision of licensed premises and levels of alcohol-related harm were significantly in excess of the Scottish average. She challenged Mr Harper to demonstrate that his application would not make matters worse.
However, the one-for-one certificate grant, meant that there would be no increase in the current provision of licensed premises in the town.