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22-Oct-06, 19:14
This ones for any of the clever clogs out there that know about running Linux with Windows XP....

Okay so my problem is that i've downloaded and install Fedora Core 5 and it's up and running fine. Im actually using it right now. But when i shut down my system and reboot it, i don't get an option to book up in XP instead. How do i fix this? Cause I desperately need back into my Windows system asap!

Here's a walkthrough and basic system breakdown if it helps.

1 > Started with an XP system with a single hard disc drive: C
2 > Downloaded PowerQuest Partition Magic and partitioned 'C' as instructed but to install linux at a later date. This prompted me that when i'd want to install Linux i'd have to make the new partition 'Active'
3 > Came to install Linux a few days later (today), made the new partition 'Active' and rebooted.
4 > Ran the Fedora Core 5 installation and hey presto everything was fine and have Fedora Core 5 running on my machine.
5 > Go to reboot to get into XP and there's no entry in the boot menu - just one for Fedora.

Help! :(

How can i switch between Fedora and XP and if i need to, how do i make the XP partition active from with in Fedora!

Please help!

23-Oct-06, 12:40
Try this link:


Tried it and seems to be okay now.

23-Oct-06, 13:01
That link isn't working.

Please help!

23-Oct-06, 13:07
Sorted the link, should be okay now but if not just copy and paste it into your browser.:D

23-Oct-06, 15:00
Try this link:


Tried it and seems to be okay now.
I use GRUB (as opposed to lilo) as my loader. You'll find a "how-to" here (http://www.geocities.com/epark/linux/grub-w2k-HOWTO.html).

I've had Linux/Windows dual-boot desktops and laptops for years. They're great because you have both OS's on the one machine.

However, I often find that I want access to both OS's at the same time. This leads to a lot of booting and rebooting. Indeed, most of my work colleagues no longer run dual-boot laptops - instead they run Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com/) under XP. This gives you access to most of the Linux environment (including the X Window System) and all of XP at the same time, but without the need for dual-boot.

23-Oct-06, 19:10
Thanks for the help and advice guys but I still can't get it to work.

I can't find a way of making the Windows partition on my C drive active. I've tried with QTParted on Linux but that didn't help. I also tried using the Volume Management tool in Linux but that didn't help either.

I think i must have messed up the partitioning stage in Windows using PartitionMagic.

I guess it's gonna be one of those format C and start from scratch jobs. :(


03-Nov-06, 21:09
I'm hoping im not too late here. I had a very similar problem. The way i sorted it was by putting my windows disk in and booting from it but rather than re-installing it i followed the onscreen instructions and repaired the bios. This may cause you to lose the linux booting but a simple google search will give you a utility to fix it. Hope this helps.