View Full Version : Down in the Ditches

22-Oct-06, 15:48
As I see another unfortunate individual drive into a ditch I wonder should there be some better warning to say they're there?
A couple of months back some tourists fell in a ditch they didn't know was there near Brough.
I love the extra wildlife that lingers around in some of our ditches but I didn't expect that to include map clenching people with interesting accents or maybe that was interesting words I can't remember...

Maybe more ditches should be filled in properly with pipes and stones etc but would that spoil that special Caithness identity.
Or perhaps the council have no money to do that?!

Maybe cats eyes stuck on a pole at regular intervals, huge fines for blocking rights of frogs to roam in ditches or .... maybe just keep your eyes open when driving that always helps!

And where does all that stuff go they dig out of ditches and take away in those large lorries?

...I do believe they're doing something with our ditches....!!! its been 20 years but maybe they're clearing it or has a cow just fell in it ...ah well.

23-Oct-06, 14:43
Not only might it ruin the Caithness rural appearance, it also prevents and load of wildlife actually living in the ditches. Just think of all those frogs, newts, mice, voles, dragonflies, etc that use ditches as their habitat.

Might be better if these people were given white sticks or maybe a pair of glasses? :eek: