View Full Version : Missing tabby cat, Bower

21-Nov-11, 08:58
Tabby cat missing from Nicholson Engineering towards Granton Mains area of Bower since Saturday night.

22-Nov-11, 11:21
She's still missing, have checked road sides but no sign, could anybody in area check their outbuildings please.

22-Nov-11, 12:59
Really sorry your cat is missing and know how worrying it is as been there a few times myself.

As you suspect she probably is shut in somewhere and really hope she comes home safe and well soon.

22-Nov-11, 16:11
PMd you I've just seen a tabby and white cat at Bower at 15.05hrs opp. Norscot heading towards NES.

22-Nov-11, 17:08
Unfortunately that's not her, she is all tabby, thanks though.

24-Nov-11, 20:11
My cat came home last night, well dragged herself, she's got a broken pelvis and a cut on her leg but thankfully should make a full recovery with 6 weeks cage rest, I get her from the vets tomorrow, can't thank them enough.

24-Nov-11, 20:16
Aw I'm so sorry your poor cat was injured but glad you've got her and I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Gentle hugs for her. xx

24-Nov-11, 20:30
Good to hear you got your wee cat back and hope she recovers ell.

24-Nov-11, 20:35
Great to hear she is back. I hope she makes a good recovery. Cats can be very resilient.

25-Nov-11, 00:53
I had a cat once with a broken pelvis and he made a full recovery so glad your wee cat made its way home and you can may take care of her xxxx

25-Nov-11, 23:16
Thanks, she's home now and wanting loads of attention. That's good to know purplelady thanks.

26-Nov-11, 00:54
Thanks, she's home now and wanting loads of attention. That's good to know purplelady thanks.your welcome xx glad kitty is home xxx