View Full Version : Hardwood Off-Cuts for Wood Carving

20-Nov-11, 04:53
I'm on the lookout for any hardwood off-cuts for wood carving smallish figures (6" high at the most).

Are there any local saw mills or timber suppliers that cater for this sort of thing?

Or does anyone know where I could scavenge such supplies (of course, a negotiable charitable donation would be offered as recompense. ;))

Thanks in advance,


21-Nov-11, 02:37
Hey matey

Try Googling Joiners

Woodbees? Err builders mechant at the trainstation? What are you carving?

21-Nov-11, 11:39
Cheers James.

Not entirely sure what I'd be carving - could be anything from life-size woodland creatures down to small but quirky chess pieces - relief motifs for table-top inlays or anything, really.

Just need the proper materials before I get started. ;)

22-Nov-11, 13:32
Go to the beach - Drift wood is free...plus it gives you an interesting starting shape to give you inspiration!

Bilge rat
08-Dec-11, 01:46

Have sent you a PM.

08-Dec-11, 07:58
Have you tried asking at the sawmill (D. Sutherland & Son) in Union Street, Wick?

13-Dec-11, 01:08
Can confirm that I am in receipt of some smashing off-cuts of some quite remarkable wood.

Some Yew, a stunning block of Afrimosa (sp?), a lovely piece of Apple wood and a fair old slice of London Plane.

Now to decide on a project and hone my chisels!

13-Dec-11, 06:11
Well done, look forward to seeing some pictures of the end results on here!

13-Dec-11, 20:36
But of course!

All in good time, though. ;)