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mop top
17-Nov-11, 22:25
Thought i would put this post on as a guide for anyone that ever loses or finds a dog. Hopefully it can be made into a sticky so that it is there for quick reference when needed. Another word of advice for all owners is to ensure that your dog wears an to date ID Disk (actually legal requirement) so it can be reunited with you quickly, alternately have it implanted with a micro chip, this can be done by the vets and is a permanent way to ensure your dog can be traced back to you.

If you lose or find a dog during office hours ie Monday to Friday between 9:00- 5:00 please report its loss to TEC Services at the
Highland Council on 01955 609569 or 609583

it may also be useful to check with the vets incase the dog has been in a RTA and taken there
Wick Vets tel no is 01955 602088 Thurso Vets no is 01847 892387.

IF you have lost your dog outwith normal office hours Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm then please check with police as they are responsible for stray dogs found outwith dog wardens working hours. This also applies to anyone who finds a dog outwith office hours the police have short term kenneling facilities for the storage of dogs handed in until they can be picked up by the local authority.

Wick Police 01955 603551 Thurso Police 01847 893222