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21-Oct-06, 01:34
http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/3/3_12_30.gif (http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZN) Did you have a bit of an exciting day to-day? I did. I was in Mackays store, Thurso, looking at bras when some nice firemen came running towards me. I wondered what i had done and felt such a fool standing there holding a bra, but they ran past me searching for a fire. I had smelt a bit of smoke when I was in the shop and had heard the sirens, but it still came as a shock when the firemen ran past me!!!
Unfortunately I didn't get a firemens lift. What a dissapointmnet.
That was my exciting moment of the day!! What was yours?

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21-Oct-06, 02:31
my day was certainly different from your day.
I spent most of it on trains and was pleasantly surprised
The service was good staff on platforms were helpful and cheerful and
....Joe Pulic well he was everything a man should be well two of them to be exact as they carried my case up and down stairs for me.
so all you Joe Publics out there a big thank you to all the people your help as the world is so much nicer having you in it