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12-Nov-11, 03:54

Just watched the first two episodes of the Vet on BBC Alba, with our Wick vet Iain, very insightful on how busy the vets are, loved watching it


12-Nov-11, 10:59
Thanks for the link demac; caught some of it last night and yes, it certainly shows us just how busy they are and the distances they have to drive to some of the farms. Loved seeing the way the vet lifted the cat by the scruff of the neck. That's how, as children, we were taught to do it as it emulates the way the mother cat lifts her kittens!

12-Nov-11, 13:10
I watched a bit of Episode 2 last night and found it really interesting. I missed the first episode so will catch up with it on BBC iplayer.

Iain is a great vet and a really nice person. When Benjy fractured his leg he very kindly took him down to the orthopaedic surgeon in Perth for us,when he was travelling South, whilst we cared for his dog.
I'll never forget his kindness during that worrying time.

Really looking forward to the rest of the series. :)

12-Nov-11, 16:58
What time/day is it on? I'd like to watch it.

12-Nov-11, 19:19
It's on Fridays at 10.00 pm and Mondays at 8.30pm. :)

12-Nov-11, 19:45
Thanks, I have put it on to record :)

12-Nov-11, 20:29
You're very welcome Sarah. :)

12-Nov-11, 20:50
Will watch both episodes on i-player, thanks to the link.

13-Nov-11, 23:40
Now Iain is famous....
I think every single pet of mine wants to see him:eek:
Last week it was the hamster and this week it looks like the cats turn!

17-Nov-11, 18:10
Just watched episode 3 of the series on BBc Alba Iplayer. Really interesting i can't speak a word of Gaelic but doesn't really make a difference in watching it.

If you missed it on telly watch it on the iplayer