View Full Version : Court hears what happened when man was roused

10-Nov-11, 14:00
Furniture was attacked
after man "lost the plot"

GRAHAM BAIN resented being wakened from his nap on the sofa and “lost
the plot” Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
He began attacking the living room furniture with a knife, Sheriff
Andrew Berry was told.
Bain (23) of Kinnaird Street, Wick, appeared from custody and admitted
threatening or abusive behaviour towards his partner, Louise Manson,
arguing with her, brandishing a knife, slashing the furniture, and also
a breach of bail, banning him from seeing or contacting her.
The incident occurred at their former home in Nicolson Street, Wick, on
October 28. It was stated that the relationship was one which had had
“its ups and downs” from time to time.
Bain (23) was sleeping on the sofa and, said senior fiscal depute,
David Barclay, when wakened by Ms Manson, “his reaction to having his
slumbers interrupted, was adverse”.
Mr Barclay continued: “It resulted in the accused becoming abusive and
argumentative with his partner and he then seems to have lost the plot,
taking a knife and beginning to slash and stab at the furniture.”
Mr Barclay stressed that there was no question of anyone in the house
being in danger –the knife was being used exclusively to deliberately
damage the furniture.”
Bain who has a record, breached the bail imposed, following the
incident, but Mr Barclay made it clear, there had been a good reason
for the accused getting in touch with Ms Manson...it had not been a
wilful breach.
Mr Barclay said that Ms Manson was hopeful the accused and herself
could put matters behind them and move on, adding: ”There has been some
forgiveness over what has happened.”
Remanding Bain in custody, Sheriff Berry said he would hear from a
social worker, tomorrow (Friday) and hoped to be in a position to
conclude matters then.