View Full Version : lurcher hit by car

mop top
09-Nov-11, 19:58

Just had a call from someone in Smith Terrace, Thurso to say that their lurcher has been hit by a car and bolted. Suspect the dog was in shock when it was hit but will now be lying hurt in a garden somewhere. Can anyone in the area have a look in their gardens etc in case the dog is there. The owners telephone no is 07597306672. The dog is female and a deerhound cross type with a shaggy chocolate coloured coat. She apparently only was taken to this area on Monday so will not be familiar with her surroundings.

Many thanks

11-Nov-11, 14:07
Has the poor dog been found? :(

mop top
11-Nov-11, 19:23
Soz Liz forgot to update on here. I phoned the owner next day to find out what had happened and they apparently found the dog later that night bruised but ok

11-Nov-11, 19:50
That's great news! Cheers mop top :)