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20-Oct-06, 11:18
I was sitting enjoying my coffee this morning and looking out of the window when I saw a crow acting in the strangest manner. He kept hanging upside down!! At first I thought he’d been electrocuted on the pole as he seemed to just fall upside down but then he righted himself and flew along onto the wires where he did this again hanging for many minutes like a bat!! During this time I managed to get my husband to come upstairs to see this – at least he witnessed it and didn’t think that I’d finally gone completely gaga. (Of course, he may think that anyway...) The crow did this many times before flying down into the field.
Have any of you seen such antics before? I would be very interested to hear if you have. Meanwhile, I’ve got the camera poised in case he comes back!


20-Oct-06, 12:15
HE was obviously doing his morning exercises! Good luck with the camera!

20-Oct-06, 15:27
You aren't gaga, the crow is batty.

21-Oct-06, 12:45
Could it be a mating display? I know that other birds do this.

27-Oct-06, 01:16
I've no clue why a blackbird would hang upside down but the real reason I am posting here is to move the Dead Puffins thread down the list a bit....makes me sad everytime I see the title.