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08-Nov-11, 17:56

I have a Doe rabbit called Princess who is 9 months old she is at her maximum weight of 2.7kg. She is a white lop with red eyes. Lovely girl but she is driving all my boys crazy hormonally so the only option is to find her a new home and let the boys settle down (of which there are 4 boys).

Can you give this little girl a good home?

Please contact me



10-Nov-11, 00:31
Have you tried bonding them all together? I'm sure she would love some husbuns :)

10-Nov-11, 01:44
She had a bonded mate Vinnie unfortunately as she is a massive flirt its drove Vinnie crazy, to the point that he ended up having a go at her for being interested in the other boys that he scrapped the full length of her ear, so shes got a nice graze on it on (totally healed but could have been nasty). Its came to a head that they ended up in a ball fighting with each other.

This has not been an easy decision to make, nor is it spare of the moment, I had successfully bonded her and they loved each other but her being a female is driving every one else crazy and Vinnie will not even go near her now and just goes for her if she even looks his way. Its having an effect with the other bonded boys that the only thing i can do is rehome her for the benefit of everyone else unfortunately. Also all my boys are snipped and not recently and she still manages to wind them up.

I am not happy I am doing this buts its for the best for the wellbeing of the group. She needs a home as an only bunny or as having 1 male in the territory of which I cant give her, for her to be a contented bunny.

Hope someone can give her a good home, please pm me if interested
Thank you
Deanne and the rabble

16-Nov-11, 15:18
hi do u still have the rabbit free to a good home by eney chance? im cummin up tonight with my brother to pick up the degus tonight by the way!

16-Nov-11, 17:36
Sorry but she has gone to a new home thank you for the interest anyway