View Full Version : Tough new measures on knife crime

07-Nov-11, 09:47
First time offenders face jail sentences

FIRST time offenders found in possession of a knife are to face longer prison sentences.
The plans, announced recently by Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC, will see the maximum prison term for those convicted of a first offence rise to four years and include plans for trial by sheriff and jury.
Offences dealt with under the new process include possessing a knife on licensed premises. Other targeted offences include carrying a knife in a violence “hot spot”, on public transport or at a bus or train station.
In addition, there will be a presumption in favour or prosecution on indictment where the accused has been previously convicted of a relevant offence or has a previous conviction for a violent offence involving a knife. There is also a new presumption in favour of opposing bail when the knife is presented or brandished, if the case falls into any of these categories.
Mr Mulholland said “Carrying a knife in public is completely unacceptable and a serious offence. Those who choose to ignore this warning will face the full rigour of the law”.
Inspector David Ogilvie, Safer Communities Inspector at Northern Constabulary said
“Although the Highlands and Islands are recognised as the safest place to live in the U.K. the Force is never complacent when it comes to any crime, including the illegal carrying and use of knives, the occurrences of which in this area are significantly lower when compared to the rest of the country. That said, our officers are always on the lookout for this type of crime and should anyone be found in possession of a knife in these circumstances, they will be reported to the courts accordingly. The Lord Advocate’s announcement sends out a clear warning to those carrying knives that their behaviour will not be tolerated."