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06-Nov-11, 20:41
i have a cavaleir king Charles spaniel. he is 9months old this month. on a recent visit the vet noticed one of his testicles hasn't dropped down and is still up in his groin. she recommended that we get him castrated I case the testicle still inside develops testicular cancer and we wouldn't know until it maybe to late. has anyone e,se has ths issue? after castration does it take long for him to recover?thanks in advance

06-Nov-11, 22:21
The same happened to my friends Pug. It is a slightly more complex op than a regular neuter, but not too serious after the vet has found the missing one and removed them both.

Her Pug was almost feeling back to normal after a few days.

06-Nov-11, 22:32
Same with hoomans too

06-Nov-11, 22:58
I've had 2 dogs with this, get it done it's not worth the risk.