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06-Nov-11, 07:52

I have 8 degus with cages. I am trying to find a home for a pair of the boys Cookie and Ernie. They are really friendly and well handled Ernie loves to just sit on your shoulder and Cookie likes to get the most strokes. They come with the cage, bits and pieces and enough food & treats to get you going.

I originally only had three girls but found one morning a surprise of more , I kept all the offspring but my time is not give fully to all of them. They are two years old and can potentially live to 8.

Can you give these little boys a loving home?

Please email me artistofmind@hushmail.me

Thank you in advance pics of the boys


06-Nov-11, 10:38
Much better pet than a hamster :) Good for you for doing the right thing...

06-Nov-11, 14:28
Im tempted...
They are gorgeous.
And would make a lovely pet for older children.
But my kids are too young and the possibility of accidental tail damage is too great a risk at the moment.
I used to have chinchillas before the kids came along and they were fun too.

06-Nov-11, 16:09
Hi Dadie

I do have a Chinchilla aswell that I rescued Titch hes my user picture we call him the shag=mitster as he want out and protests when the rabbits are out lol

07-Nov-11, 11:20
ive pmd ,you ..........sharon

07-Nov-11, 14:19
Have Pm'd you with contact details ring me and you can come meet them


11-Nov-11, 20:18
Hi my brother is intrestid in the degus u hav for ofer as he allredy has one cald jasper and he seems abit lonely on his own, he is verry looked after and it would help if ther was one or two round about him that he can see, plz can u write back as it would be verry helpfull thanc u jennifer

12-Nov-11, 01:27
Hi Jennifer

i am waiting for a decision from another person at the moment on whether she wants Bert and Custard as Cookie and Ernie have found a wonderful home. Could you wait until Monday? then I should know if they have a new home or whether I can offer them to you

If you could ring me on Monday then I can give u a definite answer