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05-Nov-11, 23:24
Ok here goes Cheese is a male russian dwarf hamster and he has a large lump on his belly that looks nasty sort of large with a greeny tinge and crusty which has only popped up in the last week since his last clean out.
He is at best guess 2+ as he was secondhand when we got him.
Is there anything realistically the vets can do?
Or would I be better off seeing about pain relief and letting nature take its course?
Tinkerbell the other male we got at the same time (they had to be separated within weeks of obtaining) died through old age on the day school broke up for the hols.
And anything I could try on him tommorrow until I can get an appt on monday(that wont kill him or make it worse)?
I reckon the prognosis wont be good!

06-Nov-11, 01:19
Poor Cheese,

No one can give a suggestion what to try...
Or help in any way....I know he is old for a hammy but he is well loved.
It was only a week ago he got a full look over by me, rather than the kids, as to his health.
Its his comfort im thinking of as a scabby lump that big on a hammy cant be fun....
And he is a sociable critter by heart and loves the kids stroking him usuallly but is obviously sore as he is nipping them...not enough to draw bloood but enough to say "dont touch me im sore!.

06-Nov-11, 02:28
If it's just a boil the vets might be able to drain it

06-Nov-11, 17:22
My hamster got the exact same thing in his old age. The vet said the only think to do was put him to sleep as he wasn't going to get better. :( Actually, the wee guy in my avatar.

Sorry. But the kindest thing is to let them go, its not nice for them.

06-Nov-11, 19:52
Awww poor wee cheese. Ma best advice I can give you is take him to e vets tomorrow and see wot they say. they mite be able to treat him, if its an infection they should be able to put him on antibiotics which mite help. 2 is not that old for a hamster, iv had a few here that have lived for 3 n a half years. most o e hamsters Iv had (and Iv never really been wioot e wee toots in 30odd years) have lived to 2 n a half or 3. Dont give up on the wee guy yet, keep him warm n dry and offer him all his fave foods, and see e vets tomorrow and see wot they say. fingers crossed for yous all.

06-Nov-11, 20:05
He is definately 2 maybe nearer 3 ..we have had him for over 2 years and I think he was 6-8mnths old when we got him.
I am going to have a fun day tommorrow.... I will try Thurso vets first....as I have my wee girl getting jabs in the morning as well so might as well get everyone done at the same time if possible otherwise its a lot of running around as I usually use the Wick vets practice....
Cheese has his fave foods (usually denied him as they are not good for him) mini malted milk biscuits, cheddar cheese and a prawn cocktail crisp.
Things he got a taste for, that the kids have dropped, and forgotten about....and he found...

06-Nov-11, 20:29
Hope the vet can help him. It was horrible picking Jasper up when he had it :( If it is his time, I would let him have a few of his favourite treats :) never known a hamster to like crisps!

07-Nov-11, 20:05
He got a reprieve!
It was a cheesy burst cyst by the time we got there!
He got some painkillers and I will have to bathe the area.
So much for his last supper....hope he doesnt expect those sort of treats everyday.
Iona had chosen a lovely box for him and accepted he would be no longer.
I am thinking of using tea tree or lavender oil in the water I bathe his cyst hole in...
And its a nightmare getting the painrelief in him.
Anyone suggest whats best for the bathing (thinking homeopathic)and the easiest method of getting the drugs in him as its quite a fat syringe as its for a cat for squirting in food while im trying to force it in his mouth so he gets his dose!

10-Nov-11, 23:30
if you go to boots you can buy a syringe you use for babies i got one for a poor hamster and it was just rite glad hammy is ok x

11-Nov-11, 01:20
awww glad to hear that hes ok, id try usin somethin gentle to bath it wi, tea tree mite be too stingy. I know it is when I used it on a cut on ma hand! also try puttin his pain relief on a bitty o his fave food, then hopefullly he wont notice your givin it too him! thats what i do wi ma dowgs here, they're suckers for bits o cheese and dont notice when i dose them wi metacalm! (only when they need it of course before anyone says that im dopin ma poor dowgs up!! lol)

ohh just thought you could use collodial silver to bathe his wound wi, if you can get your hands on it. its a good natural antiseptic, all round healer.