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04-Nov-11, 13:54
Police video aims to stamp out card scammers

Northern Constabulary has produced a short video highlighting some of the things members of the public can do to avoid becoming victims of card skimming.
The informative seven minute film, features Inverness Community Safety officer PC Euan McGibbon and chair of Crimestoppers for Highlands and Islands Jim Ferguson, is available on the Northern Constabulary website (http://www.northern.police.uk/scams.htm) and on the Force's Facebook and Twitter channels.
The film provide people with an easy to remember acronym (C.H.I.P.) which Police hope the public will bear in mind when using ATMs.
C is for check the machine. H advises you to hide your pin. I means inform the Police and the bank and P means put your money/cash away. By following this advice you can greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this crime
Teams of organised criminals have in the past targeted ATM users by stealing their bank card details and PIN numbers with sophisticated card-skimming devices and cameras.
The film shows the public what to look out for and goes into details about how these machines work.
The Force has already has success in relation to this type of crime. On 9 August 2011, two men were jailed at Inverness Sheriff Court as a result of their involvement in card skimming at ATMs in the Inverness area in March of this year. This was a result of extensive enquiry by Northern Constabulary. Those convicted were part of a wider, organised criminal network and continued vigilance by both the police and members of the public is required.
The provides useful advice so that members of the public know more about this type of crime and can be better informed when they use ATMs.