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Kasper King
03-Nov-11, 20:53
Did anything happen about starting a model railway club? If so what.:D

21-Jan-12, 11:20
a few of us tried to get a meeting about a model railway club onyl 3 people turned up...

22-Jan-12, 21:57
I tried to attend, but it was the same time as the bird watching club..sorry

23-Jan-12, 01:09
I would be interested if one were to start

Kasper King
31-Jan-12, 12:46
Sorry for not replying but I have been trying to sell my house so I can move.[evil]
I am willing to give it a go, I should be up in about 2 -3 months so if you would like to meet then pm me and I can see when everyone is free.:Razz

05-Feb-12, 00:57
I'd be interested too if one were to start.

23-Mar-12, 18:32
the first thing would be where to meet....i live near lybster.

28-Dec-12, 19:20
Hi guys, sorry to steal the thread, but just out of interest is there a model group in Thurso or the surrounding area? Im not long up here and have just recently got back into model making and was wondering if there are many like minded people about!

Thanks in advance,

15-Jan-13, 18:18
Chris, Private message sent, check your inbox

16-Jan-13, 12:41
was tried a couple of year ago and only got 3 people to reply..had a meeting in the smiddy thrumster.