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03-Nov-11, 20:17
I found teddy last year when he was only about 4 wks old at the side of the main road , realistically i think his mum must have been a ferral cat, now teddy thinks he can do the toilet anywhere he please, on the verge of having to rehome him, which i dont really want to do and he is a very timid cat, so has anyone got any advice on how to deal with it and how i can get him to stop it, he also uses the litter tray so he is litter trained just gets a bit mixed up from time to time

03-Nov-11, 20:30
Have all your cats got a litter tray each?
He might not like going where the other cats have "been" before him.

03-Nov-11, 21:57
The general rule is one tray per cat plus one. Do you have enough trays in the house?

03-Nov-11, 22:00
its only 2 of them that use the tray, the other 2 go outside so have no problems with them, just dont know, he does it anywhere and i mean anywhere.

03-Nov-11, 22:50
There is a cleaning product you can buy that kills the odour of when they do their business where they are not allowed. It stops them doing it again in the same place. Would it be worth moving your litter trays?

04-Nov-11, 00:07
There is a cleaning product you can buy that kills the odour of when they do their business where they are not allowed. It stops them doing it again in the same place. Would it be worth moving your litter trays?think i am going to buy another litter tray and place it upstairs unto he gets the hint lol, dont want to get rid of his as it would be cruel as he is so timid, do you know where i could get these products from.

04-Nov-11, 01:08
think i am going to buy another litter tray and place it upstairs unto he gets the hint lol, dont want to get rid of his as it would be cruel as he is so timid, do you know where i could get these products from.

bought them about a year and half ago but i got it from pets at home if i remember right. It did the trick with our cat at the time doing the same or in his case next to the litter tray.

04-Nov-11, 01:10
I assume hes had the snip?most likly these days but i thought id ask as having the snip could help!
also i used to make a big carboard box inclosure around the litter tray as this helps the cats feel more relaxed and you know what they are like with carboard boxes and this instinct could encourage him to remember where he is supposed to do his BIT!!!:)

hope it helps

also there are many things on the market but i find they are mostly utter &&^&$:)

my cat spends most of his time out these days! but if hes in too long he will start sniffing about for a place to lay a present for me!, hes too old to be needing a tray and normally asks to go out when he needs the loo, but he does try to sneak off to a dark corner if hes really having a lazy day! hes 13 going on 4 and hes seen 4 kids born so hopefully he will remain for afew more years yet!!!

try the box idea and see what he thinks but put the tray in after hes used it to do a number 1 in! and put him at the entrance or in it:)and he will soon learn where it is...

04-Nov-11, 08:49
thanks for the info both , billy he hasnt had the snip as he is so timid and scared i was really worried about stressing him out by having to put him in the cat carrier and taking him up to the vets, but think i will phone the vets and book him in and hope for the best my other 3 cats are done so its probably best, will try the box idea aswell.

04-Nov-11, 09:37
My cats are very timid. It was a nightmare to get them in the box to the vet, I was even in tears but eventually managed and they stopped doing the toilet outside their litter trays almost immediately after being snipped. I'm sure it will make a big difference for you if you get Billy done too :)

04-Nov-11, 12:15
My cat chooses to sleep in his cat carrier which is in the loo at the backdoor above his covered cat litter tray.
Its his space for when he wants peace and quiet.
Therefore I dont have the trauma of stuffing him in it for a trip to the vets...though he isnt happy about the travelling!

But try this anology if you cannot understand why he doesnt want to use a litter tray that another cat has just used!

You are out and have to use a public loo ...you look in the first loo and find that someone has had a poo and not flushed and there is loo roll everywhere....
Do you look in the next cubicle to see if the next loo is cleaner or do you just use the first loo?

Now think about your cat...there is only one loo and someone has already used it....a litter tray cannot be flushed ...hmmn any wonder why he is looking for somewhere else to go!
Especially as your intact tom cat is saying this is my loo by scent marking it when he uses it, its like he has just put up a red beacon above the litter tray saying this belongs to Billy and no one else can use it as its mine!!

04-Nov-11, 20:41
We have the same problem with one of our cats and we,ve tried everything to stop her doing it. Ours all spend alot of time outdoors in the field but Kizzy who is 15 months will come back inside and lift her tail on anything. There are a lot of feral cats around here and Ive a few myself with taking on a stray who then had 3 kittens. Kizzy is one of those kittens. They all litter trained easily but she started this a few months ago and now its almost daily. This week alone she lifted her tail on a socket which was turned on and it started making strange noises! Ive tried the feliway diffusers incase shes stressed with living around so many cats but it didnt help at all. If any one visits and takes of their shoes, within seconds shes on them. Thankfully the other cats are so disgusted by her, they sit sniffing where shes been and I get it cleaned quickly. If anyone knows how to sort this, please, please share!

04-Nov-11, 21:06
1 tray per cat plus one spare.
Keep offender in one room with a tray, only allow more space 1 room at a time as long as they are still using the trays...if re offending commences back to the restricted access.
And have them "done" ...not just the offender all the cats in the household!
And use bio washing powder to clean up after mistakes as it breaks down the ammonia and scent to make re offending in the same area less tempting.
If its marking territory spraying a water pistol can help there...they soon learn if I raise my tail where my owner/slave doesnt want me too I get a nasty surprise!

04-Nov-11, 23:06
Will give the water pistol a go.
Cats have all been to the vets and been done since the earliest they could have been.
Knew the tip about the bio washing powder for the smell but havent ever tried confining her to one area but if the water doesnt work, then will give it a go.
Wont tell you what the OH has suggested doing with her!
Thanks for advice

04-Nov-11, 23:17
Put guests shoes, coats and handbags out of temptation.....no point in setting her up for failure.
And warn the guest that your aim with the waterpistol may be off target...but being sprayed on the legs with a waterpistol is preferable to cat pee!

04-Nov-11, 23:19
If he is a male he is marking his territory and needs to be dressed. If he is doing no.2's outside of his litter box, it is usually due to being a fussy cat. If the sand is soiled, that stuff that clumps with urine or has a smell to it, it might put him off going in the sand box ( I knew a cat that the owner had to get the soiled sand every time her cat went because he was so fussy. She took to keeping two sand boxes on the go, in case she was out long enough to miss 2 successive toilet trips). Make sure you are getting odourless sand for his box and if you do use the stuff that clumps, fish it out regularly. If he is peeing in odd places ( not territorial marking, but squatting to pee) it could be a symptom of a urinary tract infection ( not as common in young cats, but possible). Another possibility is that he does not like the place you have put the sand box- especially if he is timid. Is it in a place where there is a lot of movement - people/animals walking by. Or next to a door that opens/closes or has a draft? Or have you moved the sandbox from somewhwhere after which this problem started?
Cats are really naturally very clean. They don't like "going" where they don't usually go.