View Full Version : Kittens? - Balmore or Cats Protection

02-Nov-11, 13:32
Does anyone know if there are any kittens requiring new homes at Balmore or from Caithness Cats Protection? I've had a look at both websites, can't see kittens so just wondering if anyone local has any up-to-date knowledge.

Sadly we recently lost our 17yro cat, leaving our 5yro female cat Millie - also adopted from Caithness Cats Protection as a kit - a little lonely. We introduced them when Millie was a kitten and felt this worked best (rather than introducing an older cat into the house) so for this reason it would be a kitten we are after.

I'd be grateful for any information

Many thanks.

02-Nov-11, 18:21
It is a bit late in the year for kittens, though there might be a few late August litters. "Kitten Season" starts in March, with first litters ready to leave mum in Late March ( females go into season from mid-December onwards). Maybe you'll have to wait a while if you are wanting a kitten. Good luck though!

02-Nov-11, 19:17
My friend was in Balmore 2 weeks ago and there were a few kittens. Maybe try giving them a phone and they'd be able to give you up to date information :)