View Full Version : Found Collie Stathy Point

mop top
01-Nov-11, 20:13
A male tri coloured collie was picked up today in Strathy Point area, he looks to be between 5 & 8 yrs old he is predominantly black and tan with a wee bit of white as well. Very friendly dog not sure whether he wandered there or has been left behind by someone visiting. Noone locally recognised him so he is now in the council kennels and can be claimed back by telephoning 01955 607737.

Fingers crossed someone is missing him and he will be reunited with his owners soon

01-Nov-11, 21:22
Is it definitely a collie or could there be some lurcher in there? If so, husband may know whose dog this is, he'll pass on details at work tomorrow.

01-Nov-11, 22:28
This is our dog,where abouts was he found? Thank you

mop top
02-Nov-11, 18:28
Delighted to report Tam has now gone home:Razz

02-Nov-11, 18:29
Delighted to report Tam has now gone home:Razz

This is very good news indeed!

02-Nov-11, 21:52
good job x

12-Nov-11, 13:49
Great news! Well done mop top. :)