View Full Version : Rare Visitor?

17-Oct-06, 19:15
I am just waiting for confirmation if this is a rare visitor to Caithness, i took this photo today



17-Oct-06, 20:34
I would think that the picture is a grey wagtail they are native to the area but you usually see them close to fast running streams and small rivers.
Don't ask me why it's called grey when it's a gorgeous yellow!

It could also be a blue headed wagtail they are very similiar but do not have the black throat patch and are much rarer.

Do you think you could nip out and ask it to turn round?

17-Oct-06, 20:52
I think its called a grey wagtail, as there is a yellow wagtail which has more yellow on it. We have some of the greys at Scrabster highlander. they hang around the streams. So thats where they will be from.