View Full Version : Has anyone lost a cat?

29-Oct-11, 11:02
LOST CAT: We are feeding a medium sized, short haired black and white cat. Cat has white bib and white paws, is a youngster and looks like a male cat. Cat will call and answer but is very shy and timid but looks well. Is this somebody's much loved lost pet or has someone moved home and forgotten to take him? We have been feeding the cat for the past two weeks in Weydale area.

Please call 01847 892740 if you can identify him.

29-Oct-11, 20:17
Hope you find where the wee chaps come from! It's nice of you to be feeding him (:

01-Nov-11, 15:46
Hi, have you managed to get a pic of him at all? :)

05-Nov-11, 15:38
Sorry, no. Cat is as described and has white flashes to nose. We are so worried as at moment he is living in our mill but not sure what will happen when cold winter comes in. Somebody must know this cat and must be missing him. If anyone can help, please call 01847 892740. Thank you.

09-Nov-11, 16:34
hi there

does the cat have a tail?

09-Nov-11, 17:34
Yes, cat has tail. Thank you.