View Full Version : Horse transport needed

28-Oct-11, 15:17
Does anyone have or know anyone with horse transport who would be willing to do a journey to pick up a horse in Aberdeen and deliver to Thurso? Horse is a good loader and traveller. Cheers

28-Oct-11, 17:18
hi,i have a trailer to borrow if you get really stuck.if not eric gillies are v good and are up here often have used them in the past .

28-Oct-11, 17:54
Give Kathy @Watten a ring or pm her , she is ever so good with horses.

28-Oct-11, 18:29
Hi i second what landy said i have used gillies many times and they are fab,when i moved from aberdeenshire up here they charged me 150 per horse failing that there are a couple of horse transport companies in aberdeenshire but i can't mind thier names just now but will post them if i can find them:)

30-Oct-11, 16:10
Hi there if you're still looking you could try Dianne Hewlett on the Black isle, shes very very good.

30-Oct-11, 19:40
Thanks to everyone who have helped! We've found a possibility, but if it doesn't work out I'll use some of your suggestions. Thanks again! (: xx