View Full Version : cars seats that will fit a zafira!

17-Oct-06, 09:45
hiya guys
we have a new car .. and im looking for a car seat that fits properly!!!
we have a t reg zafira..and my two year olds seat dosent want to fit properly.
now saying this i need a bigger car seat as at two my "lil one" was 3 ft tall and 35 pounds. so is big enough for a booster but not mature enough for the seat belt! so still need a five point harness!!!

17-Oct-06, 10:46
Hope these give you some help.

http://www.childcarseats.org.uk/index.htm General Info


Looks like Solofix Group 1-3 might do the trick, if it will fit

footie chick
17-Oct-06, 10:49
This might help but only tells you Britax seats. Why cant all manufacturers have this facility would make life a whole lot easier