View Full Version : missing cat

24-Oct-11, 21:16
has anyone lost a cat in thurso,ormile area?the cat is black and brown.there is no collar etc

24-Oct-11, 23:18

We lost our cat three days ago, we're in Glengolly.

She's black with a teeny bit of white on her chest, and in some lights looks like she has a bit of brown fur. She was wearing a brown and diamante collar...i'll try to get a pic up

here's a pic of her in our garden earlier in the summer


25-Oct-11, 19:11
hiya iv had a look but i cant seem to find any white on her.she seems to have something wrong with her back legs so i dont know if she was knocked down when she was younger or something.hope this helps identify her.

25-Oct-11, 19:27

if theres something wrong with the cats legs then it may have been knocked over in the past if there are no recent marks :~(

Cleo's white isnt particularly visible, but you would probably be able to see it...I doubt she'd have ranged that far either.

If this cat's a stray perhaps Balmore would come out and take it? or if its chipped the vets could trace its owners?

I hope it finds its way home, thank you for looking for me :)