View Full Version : missing young black cat - castletown

24-Oct-11, 09:33
We have a young black cat around 2years old that has gone missing from Mackay street, in Catletown 10 days ago, he answers to the name of mickey and is very friendly, if you have seen him or know of his whereabouts can you please PM me or contact me on mobile number - 07736975874, Thank you

24-Oct-11, 13:26
I'm really sorry that Mickey has gone missing and really hope you find him safe and well soon.

I take it you will have contacted the SSPCA, Caithness Cats Protection and the vets? Also, put up posters in your area.

03-Nov-11, 14:05
*bump* cat still missing could any readers in the area check their sheds etc as lady from the cats protection says he may just be stuck somewhere. Answers to the name of Mickey, thank you

17-Nov-11, 19:49
Mickey has come back home hungry but healthy :). Thank you to all who helped out.

17-Nov-11, 20:04
That is such great news! Welcome home Mickey. :)