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16-Oct-06, 13:25
Does anyone have a recipe for elderberry wine.

17-Oct-06, 15:12
I do, but when I made it, it was AWFUL tasting. It did make excellent drain cleaner, however.

I hope you have better luck than I did :D

17-Oct-06, 21:06
LOL sassy, I was thinkin o you when read this post. We used the same recipe, and it stunk up my cupboard for months. At least it didnt blow up like grandpa's root beer.

So beetlecrusher, I have the recipe (uses the crushed berries, not the blossoms) and happy to share it, but honestly, I was happier with the elderberry jelly I made. Either pm me or answer here. -H

George Brims
30-Oct-06, 20:23
I used to make elderberry wine based mostly on red grape juice concentrate from Boots (do they still do home brewing/winemaking stuff?) and fresh elderberries in season, or dried ones when not. There used to be a grand home brew shop in Morningside in Edinburgh where I got the dried berries.

I only ever had two problems with elderberry wine.
(a) It seems to get you very drunk. I read somewhere that elderberries have exactly the right nutrients to keep the yeast robust and healthy so it can ferment to a high alcohol level.
(b) One batch I made I bottled too early and it did a secondary fermentation in the bottles. Good thing we had a dark brown carpet...

30-Oct-06, 21:11
Not a great fan of elderberry - prefer elderflower - but have made it from both fresh and dried berries. Made one batch from the dried ones and it tasted like a good port. How it happened I don't know, but we weren't able to do it again, unfortunately.:(

30-Oct-06, 23:58
There is a link here with a recipe.

www.red4.co.uk/Recipes/elderberry-wine.htm (http://www.red4.co.uk/Recipes/elderberry-wine.htm)

Hope this helps. :)