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20-Oct-11, 21:51

My guinea-pig has lost her friend, and is kinda lonely now :( I was wondering if anyone has an adult/older guinea pig needing a new home, must be a female, or a neutered male as mine is a female, and hasn't been spayed. If anyone has a guinea pig (as above) that has also lost a piggy friend, or one that isn't wanted any more, a new loving home awaits, so please PM me (:

Thank-you! (:

pig whisperer
21-Oct-11, 22:17
Have you tried the SSPCA at Balmore, good luck

22-Oct-11, 12:04
Thanks, yeah, we've been keeping an eye out for a single one, and if one comes up, we'd definitely go for her (: We've also been keeping an eye out at the rehoming part of pets at home (:

23-Oct-11, 20:50
i'm sure i saw a guinea up for adoption at pets at home this afternoon.....

25-Oct-11, 19:59
In the rehoming section? I don't mean the babies in the quatred box thingy, like the rehoming part - theres about 3 clear walled cages with animals that have gone to p.a.h to be rehomed, last time I was there, there was a cute rabbit called smudge. In that part? If so, it might be what I'm looking for! (:

26-Oct-11, 10:14
i think so, i seen the bunny. (gorgeous!) but there was a rough haired guinea there, but i dont know if it was because there was no room for him somewhere else or if he was for REhoming. give them a call and ask maybe. i have their number...603586

26-Oct-11, 18:44
aw great, thank-you, I'll give them a call (: